Digital media are fundamentally transforming the governance of our societies, business and models of value creation, social relations in families and communities, personal behaviors and understanding. At the same time, European countries face severe challenges, such as climate and demographic change, and health and economic crises due to the Covid-19 pandemic . 


ICNM has a vision: digital and interactive media based on smart content, combined with the aspiration to high quality in terms of informational value and respect for human rights, are key to meeting these challenges and providing the right solutions. Digital solutions have the power to engage citizens, transform data into information and information into knowledge, providing the futures we want. 


Inter-sectoral, transnational and cross-cultural cooperation enable citizens to understand each other, to be more empathatic and to act in solidarity. Through equal opportunities to work together for citizens from different cultural, regional, religious and socio-economic backgrounds, and thus to better understand shared values and cultural differences, ICNM aims to reduce stereotypes, discrimination and to build mutual trust. 


With this approach, ICNM creates genuine communities of high engagement across Europe, bringing together young creatives, professionals, academia and governmental representatives with innovative visionaries and social entrepreneurs dedicated to sustainable digital business. With a clear alignment between fostering union values and UN goals of global human rights and sustainable development (UN SDGs), ICNM offers a platform for sharing best practices in digital content improving society with all stakeholders. 


ICNM works relentlessly on building diverse, equitable and inclusive ecosystems for entrepreneurs. The focus lies on cooperation as a higher value than competition, social and ecological impact counting more than fast growth and immense profit, and practices of authenticity and transparency.  


ICNMs vison is to especially support young entrepreneurs from all EU member countries who do not accept the status quo, and use their creativity and skills to develop solutions serving society and tackling societal challenges.