Meet the ICNM team!

Prof. Dr. Peter A. Bruck

Honorary President of the ICNM CEO &

Chairperson, WSA

Founder, Research Studios Austria

Nora Wolloch WSA Executive Manager T: +43 660 63 04 08-3 M: nora[at]

Manuela Wagner WSA Global Community Manager T: +43 660 63 04 08-7 M: manuela[@]

Liene Ulmane WSA Network and Communications M: liene[at]

Matthias Kandler Partnerships & Events T: +43 664 964 3003 M: matthias[@]

Pia Frizberg WSA Event Management, Youth for Innovation M: pia[@]

Miriam Rodríguez WSA Project Assistant, ESC volunteer M: miriam[@]

Blanca Vidal i Jiménez WSA Project assistant, ESC volunteer M: blanca [at]

Luka Werner Kalas ICNM Office Manager, Finance & Controlling T: +43 660 63 04 08-4 M: kalas [at]

Kordian Bruck Website & Database Master

Dr. Hania Fedorowicz WSA Editorial and content quality ensurance