What is the International Center for New Media?

The ICNM – International Center for New Media – is a non-profit association, based in Austria. It was founded by Prof. Peter A. Bruck in 2003 and is specialized in networking throughout Europe and all over the world.

ICNM focuses on the use of digital technologies, social entrepreneurship and creative content (“Digital Creativity improving Society”). It also offers educational programmes to young people. ICNM stands out with its special emphasis on the evaluation, promotion and showcasing of best practise in digital projects improving society.

Since 2003, ICNM conducts the “World Summit Awards” in 182 countries within the UN framework of the World Summit on the Information Society WSIS. The World Summit Awards are an on-going activity in cooperation with UNIDO, UNESCO, ITU, ISOC, UN GAID and UNDP.

ICNM cooperates in international networks and works in partnership with other centers of excellence, professional multimedia associations, and institutions of higher learning, research institutes and non-profit foundations. It services private industries and governments and offers a platform for networking, co-operation and experience exchange for multimedia professionals from all over the world.

ICNM’s biggest strength is to actively connect people from different cultural backgrounds and disciplines, makes them work together and build up a strong network.

In the last 14 years the ICNM has grown into an international institution for best practice selection, evaluation and promotion in the area of quality e-contents and showcasing and demonstrating quality in digital, interactive products and applications.

Prof. Peter A. Bruck, founder and Honorary Chairman of the ICNM