ICNM-International Center for New Media is a non-profit association founded in 2002 with offices in Salzburg and Vienna. ICNM and its projects address the opportunities of digital media.


A special focus is set on the evaluation and promotion of high-quality interactive content and innovative solutions promoting democracy, social inclusion, citizens’ participation, gender equality, sustainability, user centric government and linguistic / cultural diversity.


ICNM strives to evoke awareness for the creative use of digital technologies to solve challenges with national networks and representations in over 187 UN member countries.

Through the award systems and its aligned activities, ICNM has created mutually reinforcing, active networks and a platform of over 20.000 members, aligned in the spirit of positive change and future oriented, content driven solutions, fostering and enabling transnational cooperation and citizen engagement.

These strong, multi-stakeholder networks are managed with a low threshold, to encourage solidarity and active transnational collaboration and advancement in the EU and beyond.

ICNM uses European-wide global awards and activities to select and promote good practices and solutions in digital innovation with positive impact on society. The awards, programs and interactive event formats allow participants to gain knowledge, demonstrate their achievements and grow, while promoting and presenting European best practices in digital creativity and content to the wider public.


Marielza Oliveira 

Director of UNESCO Beijing Office


Mariya Gabriel

European Commission 


Margarete Schramböck

Federal Minister for Digital and Economic Affairs, Austria