ICNM provides an inclusive and value-based platform for entrepreneurs, academia, governmental representatives, corporates and and all citizens interested in purpose driven innovation, leveraging the  the power of cooperation and promoting digital tools to improve society. ICNM holds an outstanding multi-stakeholder network in over 184 countries, with renowned experts, academics, entrepreneurs, govermental representatives, investors and private sector representatives. With its special emphasis on the evaluation, promotion and showcasing of best practises in high quality, digital content driven solutions improving society through multilateral cooperation and diverse initiatives, ICNM is driven by true collaboration and knowledge exchange.

Through multipe intivitatives, programs and activities, ICNM promotes digital solutions that support the achievement of the UN SDGs, contribute to citizen & planet centered ways and means and are based on the values that are integral to human dignity, freedom, democracy, equality, rule of law, and human rights.

Utilizing events, workshops, capacity building, and mentoring, ICNM sets a special focus on Youth and fostering citizen awareness.  

One of currently two flagships, WSA Europe, is a pan-European award scheme, inviting all EU member countries to nominate their local best practices in digital solutions improving society, while the global WSA focusses on global development and positive socielta impact.

ICNM translates EU policies and UN rules into its award schemes and award categories (environment, education, health, citizen engagement, culture or inclusion&empowerment). This provides a unique platform and exchange of good practices, transnational community building, transferability and the raising awareness to outstanding entrepreneurial and digital accomplishments.

ICNMs community is based on the principals of transnational and trans-sectoral collaboration, inclusion of marginalized groups, equality and fair competition. By connecting the right people and encouraging them to work together on relevant projects, ICNM fosters a learning process of union values and the importance to stand up for their rights for its participants.