ICNM Contest Software




The ICNM community is based on the principals of transnational and trans-sectoral collaboration, inclusion of marginalized groups, equality and fair competition. By helping people to connect and encouraging them to work together on relevant projects, ICNM fosters a creative knowledge exchange and cooperation.


To provide an efficient tool for award initiatives and secure data storage, ICNM has developed an in-house contest software solution – continuously developed and updated in order to carry out its own and partner award programs efficiently, transparently and securely.


  • Adaptable design to the respective award’s corporate identity
  • Customizable questionnaire in multiple languages
  • File upload (images, presentations, pitch decks)
  • Automated emails to submitters for efficient award processing
  • Data storage on an ICNM server or partner server for data security
  • Download of individual projects as Word files or collected data and content as Excel files
  • Sorting and search functions for submissions
  • Integrated voting tool for a fair and transparent jury process – several voting rounds possible
  • Comment and chat function for jurors for any online jury
  • Flexible system that is further developed with respective partners
  • Smart search within the contest software
  • Back office support for external partners from the ICNM team


The ICNM Contest Software is flexible and adaptable, please contact us for the options for your award system!


Since 2017, WSA and Umdasch Group have joined together to find the most innovative solutions for their global companies. The winners of past years are currently working with the companies on the realisation of their prize-winning ideas.

Since 1990, the Umdasch Group has been supporting outstanding achievements in research and development through the Josef Umdasch Research Prize

The United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia (ESCWA) has partnered with the World Summit Awards (WSA) to implement an award that recognizes efforts to develop digital Arabic content for sustainable development in the Arab region.  The first cycle of ESCWA DAC Award was launched in 2021 during the Arab Forum for Sustainable Development (AFSD2021) and was concluded during AFSD 2022 with the announcement of winner products in two categories – Institutions and Young Entrepreneurs. 

The purpose of the ReSPA and OECD/SIGMA PA Awards is to identify, promote, learn from, and recognise inspiring practices, initiatives, services, and measures by governments within the Western Balkans.

Since 2020, ICNM and the Public Administration Service Awards for the Western Balkan cooperate in award execution and methodology.

Since 2017, the Zero Project of the Essl Foundation leverages the ICNM Contest Software to hold their annual awards.

The Zero Project goal is to create “a world without barriers”. It is an initiative of the Essl Foundation and run in partnership with the World Future Council and the European Foundation Centre.