The ICNM contest software – efficient, flexible, transparent

ICNMs community is based on the principals of transnational and trans-sectoral collaboration, inclusion of marginalized groups, equality and fair competition. By connecting the right people and encouraging them to work together on relevant projects, ICNM fosters a creative knowledge exchange and cooperation.

To provide an efficient tool for award initiatives and secure data storage, ICNM has developed an in-house contest software solution – continiously developed and updated in order to carry out its own and partner awards efficiently, transparently and securely.


Functions of the database:


• Adaptable design to the respective award corporate identity
• Customizable questionnaire in multiple languages
• File upload (images, presentations, pitch decks)
• Automated emails to submitters for efficient award processing
• Data storage on an ICNM server or partner server for data security
• Download of individual projects as Word files or collected data and content as Excel files
• Sorting and search functions for submissions
• Integrated voting tool for a fair and transparent jury process – several voting rounds possible
• Comment and chat function for jurors for any online jury
• Flexible system that is further developed with the respective partner
• Smart search within the contest software
• Back office support for external partners from the ICNM team