With currently two flagship initiatives, ICNM acts through WSA Europe in all EU member states, and with WSA Global on a global level in 184 countries. This extended focus provides a strong value-add to ICNMs European activities, as to create multi-perspective exchange and enrichment, global exchange of good practices and leveraging the opportunity to promote and share European & UN values worldwide. With its unique combination of awarding content driven digital solutions and transnational activities, ICNM incorporates the aim to contribute to the creation of a sustainable, equitable, inclusive, strongly democratic knowledge society.

ICNM stresses the importance of local content driven solutions. Analogue to the UN prinicples, ICNM operates with the principle one country one seat at the table – each country is eligible to submit one solution per award category (ranging from environment, to education, health, citizen engagement, culture or inclusion & empowerment) per year.

Each UN member country receives the same visibility and is able to demonstrate the diversity of digital content as well as different approaches by countries.

This unique process provides a exceptional platform and exchange of good practices, transnational community building and the raising awareness for outstanding entrepreneurial and digital accomplishments. It furthermore fosters transnational cooperation and adoption of good practices.


Since 2003, ICNM conducts the international award system WSA in 182 countries within the UN framework of the World Summit on the Information Society WSIS. WSA is an on-going activity in cooperation with UNIDO, UNESCO, ITU, ISOC, UN GAID and UNDP.

ICNM cooperates in international networks and works in partnership with other centers of excellence, professional multimedia associations, and institutions of higher learning, research institutes and non-profit foundations. It services private industries and governments and offers a platform for networking, co-operation and experience exchange for multimedia professionals from all over the world.




The European Young Innovators Festival brings together the pan-European community of young innovators who use digital technology to achieve the UN SDGs. Since many years, Graz is hosting the Festival –this year, Graz is the starting point of a virtual journey across Europe. The European Young Innovators Festival will offer a truly unique insight into young entrepreneurship from all over Europe, the latest digital trends,and international perspectives on innovation. The agenda will be a compilation of interaction and inspiration, assembling workshops, business blind-dates and inspiring keynotes, bringing together the global and multi-stakeholder network of WSA.



In cooperation with several academic partners, WSA conducts the international entrepreneurship program for students – Youth for Innovation (YFI).

WSA YFI brings together students from multiple Universities to collaboratively analyse purpose-driven tech ventures from across the world which use digital solutions to contribute to the achievement of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs).